With the development of dropshipping, more and more people have benefited from having a sourcing agent.
However, in the current situation where good agents and bad agents mixed up, how to get a high-quality dropshipping agent becomes a headache.
In this article, I will show you 10 tips for you to get a high-quality agent with whom you can create a successful business.

What is a dropshipping agent?

A dropshipping agent works as a middleman between you and suppliers.
It’s a person that will source, store, pack, and ship products for your dropshipping store.

How does  an agent work?

• Connect the factory which provides the products you need
• Order them for you and keep them in the warehouse
• Pack packages for your orders and deliver them by the shipping method you like

10 Tips of How to Find a High-Quality Dropshipping Agent 

  • 1. Communication. 

    Do they respond quickly?
    Is their English good and understandable?
    Check if the an agent can speak English well ( if he can speak your native language that will be better)
    Check their efficiency, no one wants to wait a long time for a reply, a good agent can reach you within some hours or just some minutes
    Check if they have high productivity, if they just have a prompt reply but no action, that is still meaningless, you don’t need a person to gossip with you. Get the one who has discourse power rather than a ‘reply machine’.
  • 2. Their network.

    Make sure your dropshipping agent has real relationships with factories!
    Some dropshipping agents use Alibaba to source products, but ideally, you would want them to work directly with factories. Most of the agents use 1688 or Taobao to source products, however, those are some platforms as Alibaba. That is good, but not the best, since everyone can do that, and factories give the same price and same quality for everyone.
    It’s better to reach an agent who has their own network with factories, so that they could get real ‘Ex-factory price’, and many products have lower quality version and high quality version, only those agents who really have contact with factories could get different quality ones for you.
  • 3. Shipping costs & time. 

    How much does it cost to ship to your target country?
    How long does it take?
    Can they take advantage of the most cost-efficient shipping methods?
    • YunExpress
    • 4PX
    • YanWen Express
    These are all shipping options that Chinese dropshipping agents often use. They may be slightly more expensive compared to the AliExpress shipping methods, but they will be faster and way more reliable.
  • 4. Flexibility.

    Do they require a minimum amount of orders per day?
    Is it okay if you would like to pause advertising your store for a few weeks?
    Some agent just accept orders 50+ per day, cuz they don’t want to waste time on small quantities of orders shop
    Even if you already have some days with 50 or more orders, working with such an agent might not be the best move yet. Every dropshipping store has some bad days as well, so it’s likely that you won’t meet this requirement in the long term.
  • 5. Price.

    Do not choose the supplier who is offering the lowest prices but is providing subpar products.
    That is a big mistake because suppliers would compromise product quality and the quality of packaging in order to offer the most competitive prices. As a result, you will get a lot of customer complaints that the products did not match the ones used in the advertisements.
  • 6. Quality check.

    Don't always go for suppliers that offer the cheapest prices without checking the quality of their products first.
    Doing so could hurt your bottom line in the long run. Always place a test order with your chosen suppliers so you can check product quality and see exactly what your customers will receive
  • 7. Fulfilment process. 

    There are mainly 2 methods for processing orders
    • CSV fulfilment
    • App integration
    Obviously, the second one is better than the first one, which is much more automatically.
  • 8. Processing time.

    After receiving the order list, how long does it take to pack the products and ship them out?
    It is better to choose an agent who has App to process orders automatically every day rather than using CSV files Choose an agent who located in the location full of factories, 2-3 days is good
  • 9. After-sale service.

    If you want to develop a long term business, After-sale service plays a very important role.
    There are many issues occur during shipping:
    • A package might become lost in transit
    • It might be damaged during the shipping process
    • The package might be stuck at the customs for an excessive amount of time
    • Marked as delivered but not received by customers

    A good dropshipping agent will take responsibility for all of these things and will resolve them promptly, which can reduce the bad feedback for your shop.
    Remember to ask your dropshipping agent for their after-sales policy to find out how they deal with these situations.
  • 10. Safety and privacy(Last but the most important).

    Some agents ask you to give access to your shop to them so that they could reach your orders and process them.
    Some agents who use App such as Dianxiaomi, ask you to connect your shop directly with their Dianxiaomi.

    However, these are not the best choices, all the operations need to base on your mutual trust

    Wrong accountant: This kind of App is an ERP system within the team, which means, your sales=agent sales!
    Data security: All your sales data, including customers and price, will be completely transparent to the public.
    Intentionally or not, your information will be revealed and sold to others since there is no way to avoid it.

    The best solution is to find an agent who can process your orders without any integrations to your shop, here is an example app you could recommend to your agent to use: FbAli

As an agent, Why HaoEcommerce is your good choice?

1. No communication barriers, our team members can speak fluent English and French, we are very willing to have a zoom meeting with you to introduce our service.

2. Stable relationships with numerous factories, not only can we get a very good price but also we can do well quality control. We accept customized products as well.

3. Diversity of shipping methods. We have cooperated with the logistics with different specialities, no more worries about special products, such as liquid products, large-size products, electronic products and knives, etc

4. Safe order processing. Integrate your E-commerce store into ‘FbAli’ order management system, grant us access to your orders by choosing the products which need us to process, and let us take care of orders without any invasion and violation to your store information and privacy, safer and more reliable for operating

5. Complete quality check. Sampling inspection or Full inspection according to products nature. Check the conformity including the colours, the sizes, the specifications, check if there has damage or peculiar smell and if it in normal usage of your products. Generate quality inspection report in the end.

6. After-sale service. We have a complete after-sale service program, and our team will be always there to deal with your issues. We are meant to help you to build a brand, reduce refund rates, improve the return rate and increase turnover.

How to work with us? 

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