HaoEcommerce helps dropshippers to sell Chinese products to all over the world. At the same time, we provide one-stop cross-border supply chain services for dropshippers.

Super stabilizer and accelerator of the supply chain

One-stop solution

Worldwide shipping+ local distribution + after-sales.


Whole tracking or only local tracking Meet the needs of different customers

Smart logistics

Order fulfillment platform, warehousing platform, transportation platform, inventory platform, retail platform, big data platform. 

Core Business

B2C Lines for small parcels

Fast and stable shipping

Commercial DDP customs clearance

Special goods shipping, such as liquid

Additional services such as abnormal warning

Bulk cargo shipping

Variant choices: airplane, truck, train. 

The more shipments, the more discounts

Selection of superior capacity, professional transportation guarantee

Commercial DDP customs clearance

Postal Parcel

Favorable price

Strong collecting ability and convenient operation

Wide country coverage

Universal Post

International Express

Fast international express services

Door-to-door delivery service

Intelligent logistics management and tracking system

Worldwide shipping

core advantages

Product compliance consulting

Product compliance review, access consulting, product English label design and production

Logistics plan design

Through its own supply chain service platform, we can tailor-design the whole logistics plan for customers, reduce costs, improve efficiency

Professional warehousing

Professional storage warehouses. Near to Chinese major ports.

Value-added services

Bar code management, batch management, cargo tracking and other needs, professional team labeling, experienced operation team to provide standardized tally, picking, sorting and packaging services