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Kawaii Paw Pillow

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Product description:

Enjoy the time when you are alone.

The fabric is comfortable and soft to touch. Skin-friendly breathable, formaldehyde-free, healthy, and environmental protection.

In cold winter, brings you warmth. The two sides of the cushion are raised to give you better care. According to the human body structure design, sitting for a long time will not feel back acid back pain. The filling in the cushion is thick and full, fluffy and soft, use for a long time also does not deform.

Can be used as a cushion can also be put on the bed as a cushion and pillow and put on the ground as a foot mat.

New Pet Dog Cat Round Plush Bed

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Product description:

                    Listen to the cat sleeping breathing sound,
                    Touch her soft hair,
                    Like her ancient spirit.
                    May warmth accompany her all her life...

360° semi-closed plush nest, designed according to the nature of the cat, close-fitting warm, soft and breathable, 0 pressure feeling. Cats have sweet dreams .

The bottom of the nest has an anti-skid design, wear-resistant and durable, waterproof, and moisture-proof.

Fresh-keeping Bag Fruit And Vegetable

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Product description:

Have you ever had this problem? Fresh vegetables and fruits are difficult to store, and they tend to smell bad in the refrigerator and last for a long time. Bits and pieces like beans and seasonings are hard to store.

Come to the rescue with this reusable food seal bag!

Food grade material, environmental protection health.

Wide seal, moisture-proof waterproof, lock fresh and delicious, prevent bacteria in the refrigerator residue breeding, care for your health.

Hair Dryer Brush 5 In 1

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Product description:

Hair Dryer Brush
Start with appearance level, loyal to quality. Using baking process, beautiful and generous, simple fashion.

5 in 1 function, can both style and comb hair.
Prevent burns, promise safety for you.

10 million negative ion water embellish hair, effectively neutralizes static electricity, alleviates hair dry and hairy, lets your hair after curly hair water smooth, radiant natural luster.

Simple operation, lasting styling, quickly create your favorite hair style, wool, wave, natural curl.
Do not lock hair when curly hair, avoid damage to hair.

Electronic Acupuncture Pen

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Product description:

Summary of it: Experienced and automatic meridians to find acupoints pen, mature technology, stable quality.

Combine traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western technology to kick-start your health.

Do you suffer from chronic shoulder pain, waist pain, or constant drowsiness?
You may be blocked points, use a meridian massage pen to relax the body.

It automatically finds the right acupuncture point where it doesn't feel right. Can adjust the massage intensity autonomously. Massage can be timed.

Mini Refillable Perfume Bottle

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Product description:

Portable perfume is bottled separately. Every time you shine, you're the center of attention.

High quality of life, simple and comfortable. Meet your daily needs, at any time to add fragrance.
Easy to pack, recyclable, durable, can be boarded aircraft.

The bottom directly complements the perfume design, no other tools are required Bottom sealing rubber ring, effectively solve the problem of volatile perfume leakage.
Nano atomizing nozzle, spray fine, not splash, spray evenly, wide range.

A small one, can be installed anywhere, every trip is full of expectations. Multiple colors, optional.

Hanging neck Fan

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Product description:

Silent black technology, wind strength, stretch, adjustable Angle.

The design of the turbine fan blade and two air holes can cut the air more effectively and let you feel the soft breeze.
Relieve the muzzle, breathe fresh air, reduce oil sweat, physical skincare good expert.

360° universal wind, not directly blowing against the skin, the wind is gentle and does not reduce cooling, more healthy.

Leather Bracelets

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Product description:

The perfect combination of fashion and retro.

Simple and pure sense of power, we can feel it's calm and charming, casual and generous, bright and simple, just like the sunshine is full of vitality.

Fashion collocation: whether it is a fashionable man or a beautiful woman, wear this bracelet with style. The perfect combination of woven leather rope and wooden beads makes details better reflected and adds a mysterious color to you.
Exquisite workmanship: different, never go with the flow.
High-quality technology, cultural heritage, wearing beautiful fashion.

Universal Magnetic Ring Alloy

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Product description:

Have you ever had a problem?
The bit has no magnetic ring magnetic force, the bite is not tight and easy to break the screw, the material is unqualified, easy to rust, easy to break...

S2 alloy steel with high hardness and high torque, anti-skid magnetic coil.
Whether you are unscrewing screws or dismantling furniture or repairing appliances, it can be done easily for you.

High concentric shaft structure, accurate operation, high concentricity of rotary straight line propulsion.
Using strong magnetic coil, anti-impact, no-slip, reduce tool wear.

Stop Snore nose clip device

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Product description:

Please cherish your sleep, people's life is about a third of the time in sleep, however - dry mouth, fatigue in the morning, insomnia sensitive nerve.. These health problems are always lingering.

Maybe you just need a snore stopper and a breath purifier to help you sleep better. Prevent snoring. The structure suitable for the human body is adopted to achieve the buffering effect
2. Improve sleep. Without snoring, sleep quality gradually improves.
3. Improve various nose shapes. The use of high-quality silicone material, so that you wear the process of comfortable breathable, no tension.

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